Nutrition & Facts

Vitamin C 100 mg; Calci 80 mg; Magnesi 75 mg; Vitamin E 18 mg; Niacin 18 mg; Ginseng root extract 15 mg; Acid pantothenic 6 mg; Phospho 4,25 mg; Iron 2,8 mg; Vitamin B6 2 mg; Vitamin B2 1,6 mg; Vitamin B1 1,4 mg; Kẽm 1 mg; Mangan 0,5 mg; Vitamin A 200 µg; Acid folic 200 µg; Copper 0,150 mg; Biotin 50 µg; Iod 30 µg; Selen 20 µg; Crom 20 µg; Vitamin B12 6 µg; Vitamin D3 5 µg; Molypden 5 µg.
1 tablet per day with plenty of water


Kudos capsules contain active ingredients such as vitamins and minerals. It is possible that the active ingredients in Kudos overlap with the ingredients of other dietary supplements. Therefore, we highly recommend you check with pharmacists when using Kudos in combination with other dietary supplements.

The best time to take Kudos vitamin and mineral capsule tablets is in the morning, after breakfast, to support the body during a long day.

All Kudos capsule products are manufactured in Germany, meeting strict standards for quality and safety. The fast-dissolving capsule dosage form helps the body absorb the active ingredients quickly and easily. The dosage of Kudos capsules is only 1 capsule/time/day, making it convenient for users to use every day.